Bacon and Gammon

Bacon Back Rashers Rindless Smoked (Imported) MCH188838
Bacon Back Rashers Rindless Unsmoked (Imported) MCH188837
Bacon Back Rashers Rindless Unsmoked Sweetcure MCH188840
Bacon Back Whole Boneless Unsmoked MCH340795
Bacon Chop Sweetcure Steak MCH295398
Bacon Chops Unsmoked MCH188846
Bacon Loin Steak Bacon Loin Steak MCH188856
Bacon SL - Back R_L 2.27kg Pack MCH3045578
Bacon Streaky Rashers Rindless Smoked (Imported) MCH295400
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Beef Products (2)

Beef Bavette Steak
Beef Braising Steak (Ex Silverside) 140-170g
Beef Braising Steak (Ex Silverside) 200-230g
Beef Braising Steak (Ex Silverside) 80-110g
Beef Braising Steak
Beef Feather Steak
Beef Fillet Premium Aged 170g
Beef Fillet Steak 110-140g
Beef Fillet Steak 140-170g
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Chicken 50-50 Diced EU MCH340995
Chicken 50-50 Diced Halal MCH590919
Chicken 50-50 Diced UK MCH188948
Chicken 50_50 Diced Free Range MCH2713329
Chicken 50_50 Mince EU MCH298554
Chicken 50_50 Mince UK MCH188949
Chicken Bones MCH2103677
Chicken Breast Diced EU MCH298571
Chicken Breast Diced Halal MCH340997
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Imported Lamb Rump Boneless 7oz  MCH3010432
Lamb And Mint Burger 112g MCH1993836
Lamb Best End MCH304562
Lamb Best End MCH590696
Lamb Burger 6oz MCH3046166
Lamb Cannon MCH1993781
Lamb Diced For Stewing Machine Cut MCH189118
Lamb Kofta Kebab MCH341231
Lamb Leg  Diced Hand Diced Halal MCH304533
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Turkey Breast Diced Halal MCH3044102
Turkey Breast Double B&R Halal MCH3044121
Turkey Breast Single Boneless Skin On EU MCH311043
Turkey Breast Single Boneless Skin On UK MCH189263
Turkey Breast Steaks MCH2103409
Turkey Breast Stroganoff MCH311046
Turkey Butterfly Skin On Boned & Rolled Single Breast MCH311081
Turkey Butterfly Skin On Boneless Double Breast MCH311064
Turkey Crown Boneless Imported MCH3044111
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Beef Products (1)

Beef Topside Rolled Added Fat MCH340853
Beef Brisket Boned & Rolled MCH2103648
Veal Bones MCH189282
Ox Tail Centre Cut MCH296135
Ox Cheek MCH341351
Beef Bones MCH188858
Beef Brisket Daube 08oz  MCH3044895
Beef Chuck Diced Halal MCH188874
Beef Chuck Hand Diced MCH188870
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Burgers, Kebabs, Koftas, Meatballs

Beef Burger 100% Content MCH188864
Beef Burger 100% Content MCH188865
Beef Burger 100% Content MCH188866
Beef Burger 100% Content MCH188867
Beef Burger 113G MFZ297481
Beef Meatballs MCH2103676
Beef Mince 85% Lean HALAL MCH340838
Beef Mince 85% Lean MCH188897
Beef Mince Chuck 95% Lean Halal MCH188896 - Copy
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Beef Sausages 8's MCH2713312
Black Pudding Sticks MCH189259
Bockwurst 4's MCH1993940
Bratwurst MCH189229
Breakfast Cumberland Sausage 9's Fresh Singles MCH3010429
Beef Lorne Sausage MCH189226
Chorizo Sausages MCH189026
Cumberland Sausage Ring MCH189231
Cumberland Sausages 16'S MCH341080
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Pork Baby Back Ribs UK - Barbecue MCH306592
Pork Baby Back Ribs UK - Plain MCH1117163
Pork Belly Boneless And Rindless MCH341395
Pork Belly Boneless MCH189198
Pork Belly Ribs - Barbecue MCH189192
Pork Belly Slices MCH2087726
Pork Belly Whole On The Bone MCH189197
Pork Chop Bone In 170-200g MCH2811896
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Duck Breast Smoked MCH341097
Duck Breasts Female (Standard & Barbary) MCH189074
Duck Breasts MCH341098
Duck Breasts Male (Standard & Barbary) MCH189073
Duck Fat MCH189078
Duck Gressingham Breast MCH189069
Duck Gressingham Legs MCH301143
Duck Gressingham Whole Including Giblets MCH301136
Duck Leg 310g+ MCH2811925
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Deli and Cooked Meats

Bayonne Ham Whole MCH300117
Salami Napoli Sliced MCH3044465
Turkey Breast Roast Sliced Cooked MCH341645
Salami Milano Whole MCH300109
Salami Milano Sliced MCH1760618
Prosciutto Ham Sliced MCH189060
Parma Ham Sliced MCH300108
Pancetta Whole MCH300112
Pastrami Sliced MCH341356
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