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Deli Products

Deli Products

Westport offer a comprehensive range of speciality products to give your menu that little extra:-


From specialist oils to locally produced rapeseed oil.

Cooking wines, ports and brandy etc.

A full compliment of herbs, pulses and spices.


Stocks from Chefwise Powder Products through to More Than Gourmet Paste products. All made to the highest specifications.



We supply fresh coulis from The Best of Taste Co. Shropshire. All made GM free giving fantastic fruity, zesty products to put the finishing touch to any dish.


Imaginative Cuisine Products are also stocked, from sweet beetroot glaze through to basil oil. All dipping sauces, flavoured balsamics are also available, just to give you that edge.


We also supply a full range of Tracklement products, offering the finest relishes, chutneys, sauces and jams available. If you want something just that little bit better we recommend you try these products.


Laquilla Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes direct from Italy. These are some of the finest tomatoes you will find on the market place. Also available are antichoke hearts in oil.


Grilled pumpkin (great with rissottos) and stuffed peppers with feta.

Vinegars from balsamic to raspberry.

All types of flour available.

Mustards from Colemans Blend to Lyons.

All types of rice from Arborio through to aged carnanoli (the very best rice you can use).

Pasta, dried selection available.

Seasoned peppers (various flavours) A new, exciting product to enhance any dish.


We also stock quiche cases, tartlets, savoury and sweet. Various sizes available.

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